Saturday, 9 November 2019

[Review] Walkers Christmas Sprout Haters vs Sprout Lovers

You either hate or love sprouts.
Walker's have brought back the brussel sprouts crisps this year.

There are two multipacks for sprout lovers and sprout haters.
As a sprout lover and curious foodie, I got the one with sprouts which contains Turkey Stuffing, Sprouts and Pigs in Blankets.
The other bag contains the same except you get Honey Glazed Ham and Cheese and Cranberry.

I was really excited about the sprouts so had it first.
There was a strong celery and spinach smell when I opened it and the crisps were slightly green.
As for the taste, I really liked it because it tasted grassy just like celery.

The Turkey Stuffing had a hint of sage.

As for the Pigs in Blanket, it was smokey.

Overall, the sprout was my favourite flavour being unusual and strong.

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