Thursday, 21 November 2019

[Review] Muller UniCorner Strawberry Yogurt

I have been on the look out for the Muller UniCorner ever since it was launched in April.
Finally found the individual pots at Morrisons.

The lid is girly with a matching strawberry yoghurt inside with pearlescent blue and rose pink crunchy balls.

When I peel the lid off, I tried some of the yoghurt that was on the lid.
The strawberry was pleasant and not that artificial which was good.

First things first is to have fun, so I took my time decorating the yoghurt with these balls.
There is a good amount of both colours for you to play around with.
Here was my decorated yoghurt.

Finished my yoghurt after taking pictures and it was quite nice, the crunchy balls are quite sweet so they go well with the yoghurt.

As well as Muller UniCorner, the gingerbread one is fun but unfortunately they come in multi packs.

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