Thursday, 16 February 2012

Burrata Pugliese “Murgella” cheese

I loved Burrata cheese the moment I found out about it.

Its appearance is similar to a poached egg with a creamy centre.

I have always wanted to try it, but it is very expensive compared to other cheeses.
I finally tried it at an Italian restaurant but it was only a small piece but enough to keep me craving for it.
Anyway, out of the blue, I saw some Burrata at the supermarket and it was quite cheap too.

It was packaged in a mini plastic tub containing brine.
Overall the burrata tasted really nice, the centre was slightly springy and I was hoping for more runny cream in the centre oozing out.
The texture was not as silky as the fresh ones, but good enough if you cant get hold of the fresh ones.

Apart from Burrata, Murgella also do other cheeses, there is a cute piggy one called the SMOKED PIGLET which I would love to get hold of.

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