Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hong Kong Nissin’s new black pepper crab cup noodle

Discovered two new Nissin cup noodle flavours: Black pepper crab and Chili crab.
Both seem to be inspired by Singapore as shown on the label.

Black pepper crab:

Tried this one first because I wasn’t sure how hot the Chili was going to be.
I liked the black cup design and there were some instructions, which say that you can microwave it.
In the cup noodles you can see some dehydrated purple onions, very fancy!

The noodles were ready to eat quite soon after pouring boiling water and didn’t need microwaving.
As for the taste, it had a strong black pepper taste but you can’t really taste crab in the broth.

Other flavours in this series Chili crab. NissinChilicrab.html

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