Tuesday, 17 April 2012

To try: Plum & ruby port conserves / Champagne rhubarb conserves

This deliciously different Audrey Baxter Plum and Ruby Port Conserve takes a favourite plum jam recipe as its base, and then adds a drop or two of something special. When the plumpest, well-ripened plums are gently simmered in a generous measure of traditional, wood-matured ruby port, the result is a gloriously rich conserve that transforms a simple breakfast into the best meal of the day.

As you would expect from a fruit with Champagne in its title, the rhubarb in Audrey Baxter’s rhubarb conserve is both special and unique. Scottish rhubarb is the ultimate ingredient in our luxury Champagne Rhubarb Conserve recipe. By gentle simmering we achieve a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness and create a unique flavour, that’s perfect for afternoon scones.

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