Monday, 23 April 2012

Cute Thousand year QUAIL eggs!!

Usually the preserved eggs I have come across are duck or chicken eggs, but when I saw this box I wondered if they were really preserved eggs because of their size and they were quail eggs.

On the labelling it said the ingredient were: salt, quail eggs, tea leaves so I was expecting them to be ordinary eggs with tea leaf flavouring.

Anyway, they were really cute because they were in an egg box of 12, each egg was vacumn packed.

When I was playing about with it I didnt realised the egg shell was so soft, so I cracked it and realised it was jelly like inside and it really was a real thousand year egg!!!
I removed the shell and bit into it and found it had a thick yolk too with the signiture snowflake patterns on the egg white.

The taste was the same as the usual ones with a minty cooling aftertaste.

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