Thursday, 26 April 2012

YUKI & LOVE Chocolate Mochi with milk and peanut

Saw these mochis that were coated with chocolate so decided to get them.
There were three flavours peanut, sesame and red beans.

Peanut was the least disliked flavour of the three so I got that.

The product shot was quite confusing because you couldnt tell if they were heart shaped or bar shaped.

In the box they were individually packed and there is a tray inside containing the mochi and a dessicant.

Overall I really liked it and it was not too sweet, however I do  not recommend it during the summer because the chocolate coating melts and in Asian countries, not all shops are well air conditioned.
Even if they are well air conditioned, the air conditioner is switched off when they closed.

The mochi was chewy and quite sticky.

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