Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Japanese rice burgers @ 7-11

This is really tempting to try, a choice of either chicken or beef patty burger sandwiched in between some rice! (Rice burger).

Anyway, I tried both. It was interesting because the rice used was glutinous rice and not pearl rice.
I do not like pearl rice anyway.
Althought it is Japanese, it is manufactured in Thailand!!!


Grilled Chicken rice burger:
I prefer chicken as opposed to beef because there are less fatty bits and tendons in it.
If your expecting a strong taste, this burger is quite bland, but as I like chicken it was really nice and the whote thing was not too dry.
The rice burger was really nice because it was chewy al-dente glutinous rice which is rare for Japanese food.


Spicy pork rice burger:
There was visually quite alot of chopped coriander in it but the taste of coriander was not that strong, but the spicyness was quite strong.


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