Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Egg Tofu

I am not a fan of egg tofu because it has a slightly sweet taste and it tastes of egg more than natural tofu.
The egg tofu is always packed in plastic pouches which I never knew why until I wiki'd it.

Anyway, this particular one I bought was made in Chinese and it did not taste really nice, although it did not have that sweet taste, it was quite salty and tasted really artificial.
It just tasted like a disgusting version of Japanese steamed egg or savoury egg caramel pudding.

Definition of Egg Tofu by wikipedia:
Egg tofu (Japanese: 玉子豆腐, 卵豆腐, tamagodōfu) (Chinese: 蛋豆腐, dàn dòufu; often called 日本豆腐, rìbĕn dòufu, lit. "Japan bean curd") is the main type of savory flavored tofu. Whole beaten eggs are filtered and incorporated into the soy milk before the coagulant is added. The mixture is filled into plastic tubes and allowed to curdle. The tofu is then cooked in its packaging and sold. Egg tofu has a pale golden color that can be attributed to the addition of egg and, occasionally, food coloring. This tofu has a fuller texture and flavor than silken tofu, which can be attributed to the presence of egg fat and protein.

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