Friday, 17 April 2015

Golden Pig burgers and bacon

As a Brit, bacon and sausages are a must have item on the plate but in Hong Kong you can't find decent sausages and back bacon so you end up dining out for them.
Recently discovered this brand called Golden Pig from the UK selling delicious sausages and bacon.

There are three flavours for the sausages:

Pork and apple:



Unsmoked back bacon:
Pork and apple burgers:

I was greedy so I had sausages, bacon and the pork and apple burger in my lunchbox!!!!!!!!!! 

The star of the show was the pork and apple burger, which was a huge burger patty that was succulent and juicy.
The bacon was flawless with the right level of saltiness on a bed of mixed grain rice.

Hopefully Golden Pig's products will be available at the supermarket soon or I will need to stock up when I see their stall at the markets.


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