Thursday, 26 July 2012

Uni president Dong Gwai flavoured instant noodles 當歸藥膳風味細麵

Previously tried the two other instant noodles in this series.
-ginseng with wolfberries 人蔘枸杞藥膳風味細麵
-sesame oil herbal instant noodles 麻油藥膳風味細麵

This time I was looking forward to the DongGwai series, however I could not find the DongGwai with duck so I only got the plain DongGwai noodles.
Again it was as nice as the previous noodles but the ginseng one had a stronger taste.
For this flavour the DongGwai taste was faint.
There was sesame oil as well but I did not use it because it tastes really strong.

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