Tuesday, 31 July 2012

planet studio seaweed with cod exclusive from Taiwan

Although planet studio specialises in popcorn, they also have these delicious seaweed snacks.

They are thin pieces of seaweed adhered to a piece of wafer thin crackers that are cod flavoured.
They were so crispy, light and addictive and the pack is resealable if you cannot finish them.
The texture is so crispy that you wouldnt notice the cracker part and the the whole piece is almost as thin as wafer.

Apart from seaweed and cod, there is also a spicy version of it and they also have seaweed with almond slices or a spicy version of seaweed and almond slices.


As well as buying the snacks locally, they can be mailed over by contacting them on service@twplanetpop.com or you can buy them in Taiwan directly from the stores listed below.

l      若要吃的到星球工坊產品,僅能使用宅配空運寄送,可以來信至客服信箱諮詢service@twplanetpop.com
l      或是加入臉書fan page,得知第一手優惠資訊http://www.facebook.com/planetpopcorn.hk
l      目前在台灣有兩個據點可以買到,有機會去台灣玩的時候再來看看吧!
l      士林店:台北市士林區基河路106
l      饒河店:台北市松山區饒河街39

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