Thursday, 26 July 2012

LaObamas Black garlic soda

I noticed this drink only because of the word Obama then when I got a closer look I realised it was black garlic.

As I have already tried black garlic before, the drink should taste nice as well because there is no garlic taste and it tastes sweet anyway.
It appears from their website they are mainly based in Hong Kong even though it saids it is Swiss Made.
I believe this product is not the only brand.

The soda was contained in a slim can with a neat black lid, but underneath the lid there is a normal ring pull.
I suppose if the drink cant be finished you can use the lid. 
After you have finished the contents you can use a can opener and remove the top part and then it can be used as a container with a lid.

The taste was really similar to extremely sour coke with hints of grilled flavouring and some faint garlic aftertaste.

Anyway I would love to know the recommend retail price of this and on their website they have Obama on one of their promotional posters!


  1. Sorry to disappointed you sweetie. I'm doing food business in Hong Kong and I personally met with the owner of that company. In the beginning I was just like you, oh that is a good products. So I dealing with the owner about the matters of me want to order from him.
    The story is just began, As that is a new products, so I request him to send me some health care certificate to me, also some organic certificate of their other products. I was waiting and waiting for more than a month.... and yes he sent me some certificate finally!
    He did send me couple of cert,
    1) food of origin. support the real cert will show the producer of that product. Well, there have a swiss company name also call laobamas, and I also see it covering something. from what I see, I can clearly tell you that the soda is making in KOREA, not swiss at all! So I double check with his staff in HK, incase the owner lie again. I was right, his staff told me that the soda is from KOREA! The exciting part is, the other products he is selling right now, liek the garlic paste, cloves, powder...... they are all make in FUCKING CHINA! There is nothing about Swiss!, that is a total LIE.
    2) Organic Cert. They are issued by some oversea organization, so I contact the organization one by one to double check the issued number is it belong to those garlic product, well... I think you know the result. The owner make up all fake cert to cheat buyer!

    I was just pretend I never heard of it and playing friendly with the owner the other day. As he told me all their products is making in his Swiss Factory. So I google that address....... you will not going to believe it! The Swiss address he said is a factory. That's just a fucking mail box address! HE DONT HAVE A FACTORY IN SWISS; NOT EVEN MAKING THOSE PRODUCTS; HE BOUGHT EVERYTHING FROM CHINA AND KOREA AND PRETEND THEY ARE FROM SWISS...... OH MY XXX

    I got another friend is doing food business in China. But we never talk about that "LAOBAMAS". My poor friend order lot of products from him and after he paid, that piece of shit keep delay the delivery time more than 3 month and now he still didn't received anything also lost lot of money...... I hope no one fall into this scam company. The real name of the owner is "OLIVER WEIDLING" take a look on google, then you can find out he is a criminal in Germany, he cheat lot of people before.....

    1. Hi Wong, This guy has come to us as well, it concerns me and I am looking for the truth.
      If you are for real please contact me personally. Cheers

    2. Choi, please look at the evidence yourself

      Did he still try to sell you his fake product?

  2. I am really interested in what you had to say. I have bought the "swiss black garlic bulbs" was given as a present to me. I told my Swiss friends about it and they NEVER heard of if before. I feel really bad about this. So many people I know are buying this rubbish.

    1. Caroline, please see the evidence yourself

  3. I am out of pocket by around $30,000 because of Oliver. Don't trust him. Sure this is a random post but I dealt with in 2010 and 2011 and shared some trade shows together to save cost. Stupid me paid and then he was supposed to pay back. He did about $8000 at first but nothing after that.

    He has a nice product, he presents well and nice personality but I know the real story about him. He hasn't made an attempt to pay back and I even saw him at HOFEX this year and he didn't even invite me to join his stand until I saw him!

    Sure, buy his product if you believe it but don't have any more dealings with him.

    I've changed my name but it's all 100% true.

  4. Actually it's 38,900 RMB he owes. I have a signed agreement from him in June 2011. He tried to contact me for Australian manufacturers of chocolate bars so he could add another product line. I gave some good information on the snack bar market (which I know reasonably well in HK). I said fine i will help but you need to pay a major discount of $15,000 HKD for everything but still avoided it and wanted to provide him with contacts etc of manufacturers.

    Avoid him Oliver Weidling (LaObamas) like the plague. Do not promote his product or spend time on it.

    If you want to know more post here and I will respond.

  5. I worked for him in 2011 at the Food Show in London. He was supposed to pay me the last day of work and when it was time he informed me that his debit card wasn't working. He then signed an agreement that he would pay me the next morning and I would go to his hotel to pick it up....of course I get there and he checked out already to make his flight out from London. This guy is a Con Artist.....

  6. The guy is pure crook. I have reported him to HK Customs and Excise Dept and Swiss consulate. But looks like he is still going strong.

  7. Sadly in 2011 this guy Oliver came to Johannesburg,South Africa for an exhibition and I did some work for him prior to his arrival and during his stay as a consultant and he was supposed to pay me before leaving the country and he made stories of how he lost his wallet and therefore he would pay me when he gets back to hongkong but till today 2014 he has never paid me and avoids me at all costs.

    1. you ain't ever going to see any $$$ from him

  8. Sorry for you Robin. He used the same excuse in everywhere.
    For anyone who been cheat by this guy, here I gather some information to proof that his product is all fake, they are made in China and Korea. Download the file in here, and see the evidence yourself
    This is upload at 17 April, it might gone in a month later. If so, please let me know and I will upload again

  9. I already reported this guy to HK customs and he is now under investigation. His stuff is def not from Switzerland. Swiss consulate in HK also confirm to my that this guy's stuff is NOT swiss. But they seem reluctant to do anything else. That's why you never see his garlic at CitySuper or Taste as he cannot produce the documents to pass their quality control.

  10. Hi Caroline, have you download the file of the evidence I posted? You might need them, they are solid evidence that can nail this scumbag to jail. Keep us update about the progress. I can't wait to see him back to jail again!

  11. He is here in Los Angeles now. I just met him yesterday to do graphic design work and to rebrand all of his packaging and marketing material. I just Googled him tonight and found this post and several others detailing all of his criminal activities. I am totally shocked but not surprised since I've come across people like this before. Good thing I haven't wasted any time doing any work for him yet. He is now changing the product to ONYX BLACK GARLIC.

  12. I met this guy in LA 3 days before the above commenter. He employed me for the same design work but is refusing to pay. I unfortunately didn't Google him until after I had done the work. He goes by several names, Oliver Weidling, Oliver Fischer, Tom Fisher, Frank Fisher, Oliver Laobamas etc.

    His new company is indeed Onyx Black Garlic but not sure that he will use that name now. I bought his intended domain name ( as soon as I realised who he was.

  13. Danny, I have taken over the business and it is all above board and legitimate now, labeled as produced in China. Please contact me ( and let me know what work you have done and we can discuss your invoice. I do not want ONYX to be badmouthed, as it is a good product, I run an honest and legitimate company. Oliver is no longer in the country.

      "Danny, I have taken over the business and it is all above board and legitimate now, labeled as produced in China. Please contact me ( and let me know what work you have done and we can discuss your invoice. I do not want ONYX to be badmouthed, as it is a good product, I run an honest and legitimate company. Oliver is no longer in the country."

      He was just in Los Angeles California USA scamming people in the Venice / West LA area this week !!!

      Whoever wrote the statement above is either,

      1) working with him and trying to assist him with his criminal activities or
      2) IS him and trying to cleverly divert attention away from himself or by posting in this forum or
      3) is just plain misinformed.

      How would you know whether he is in the country or not if you are not currently in contact and communicating with him? How were you able to secure this company and change the labeling on his bogus products (as you say) without being in direct contact with him? Did you take him to the airport when he tried to flee the country ?
      I wont hold my breath regarding a response but you definitely have some explaining to do .... this guy has hurt ALOT of people around the world and you are admitting publicly to dealing with him and even taking over his fraudulent business ... hmmmmmmmmmmm

    2. Why would you use a Gmail account as your business account and have your name as Unknown if this is true? Sure, I'll give you a shot, I've emailed you.

  14. Since this blog article has become a space about this product, here are some new links and companies to avoid (they have been added to RipoffReport as well).

    ONYX Black Fermented Garlic:

    The Organic Gourmet: selling Onyx Black Garlic Bulbs and Cloves.

    These two links are associated to the same company: Scenario International llc

    Please stay clear of doing any business with these companies, unless of course you love supporting scammers.

  15. Thanks for keeping us update Danny. The "new owner", have he paid for your design work as he said?

    I doubt Oliver Weidling could sell in the US market. FDA is not easy on imported food. He do not have any paper to support his claimed and he couldn't lie about the product of origin anymore, it must be label as made in China, since that is the only proof he can get.

    Clearly that online store have something do to with him, most likely it is selling illegally.
    Look at the online store, I have not seen a legit store only sell a few items.

    No store or importer will buy from him as he got no proof, just believed his dirty mouth? No shit... and I don't think FDA have passed it anyway.

    I have not seen the label he is using in US, Danny could upload a link? If there is any false claimed or mislabelling, we can file a report to FDA immediately.

    If anyone have met Oliver Weidling for any job position or he try to sell you his products, please leave the date and location in here, so we can track his activity across the country/ world.


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