Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Meiji Low Fat Yogurt with mixed berry

I was choosing some yogurt when I saw the Meiji brand, I was really surprised because they usually do confectionary.

The place I went only had two flavours Mango and Mixed berries so I got the mixed berries.

The yogurt was really delicious, perhaps because they specialise in confectionary so their sweet stuff tastes ok.
There was no sour taste and you could taste that it was quite sweet but it was not cloyingly sweet.

I would love to try Aloe vera or coconut if I can find it in the future.

The cool thing about the mixed berries is that it really does have berries in the yoghurt.
The strawberry was the biggest piece!!

They even have their own spoon as well which is hygienically packed.

Other flavours: Original, Mixed berries, strawberries, Mixed fruits, and coconut


  1. Hiiiiiii
    Can you please please tell me where I can buy the yoghourt of your first picture?
    My wife love it and she had it on an air plane, I have no idea where I can buy it:(

    1. Singapore supermarkts, Hong Kong suprmkts and presumably Japan!


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