Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sapporo Salty bubbles - Grapefruit flavour

Was attracted by the bottle because of the coloured dots.
On a closer looked it said Salty Bubbles which I thought was interesting and the flavour was grapefruit.
I did not expect it to taste nice because a lot of Asian foods mix savory and sweet tastes together.

I also thought it was alcoholic to begin with because Sapporo has a lot of beers under its brand.

Anyway found out it was not alcoholic so I got it.

I was really surprised I liked the taste because it tastes like the natrual grapefruit which is sour and usually I put a pince of salt with my grapefruit, and there was no sweet taste at all so this is my favourite fizzy drink.

Although it is meant to be salty, I couldnt taste any saltiness in it.
It just tastes like natrual grapefruit with the bitterness.
From their website they have a lime flavour as well.
サッポロ ソルティ・バブルス~ライム~410mlPET
Again I can't stand these Japanese websites because I can't read Japanese!

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