Thursday, 3 October 2019

[Review] Tasty Faba beans by Human Bean Co

Human Bean Co from Australia do these delicious air puffed faba beans which are crispy.

There are so many flavours: salted, salt and vinegar, lime and black pepper and pizza.

Coming from UK, the salt and vinegar were my favourite.
Basically the same taste as the Salt and Vinegar crisps but instead of potato crisps, you are munching on crunchy beans!!

I also tried the other flavours which I could relate to, so overall I was impressed with all the flavours and wouldn't mind snacking on them anytime of the day when I'm peckish especially the Salt and Vinegar!

Lime and Black Pepper:
It was crunchy beans with a zesty lime flavour complemented by a hint of black pepper.

The beans were reddish in colour with a tomato and cheesy flavour but I wouldn't say the cheese was that prominent!

Human Bean Co: › humanbeanco

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