Monday, 30 December 2019

[Review] Breakfast at Debenhams Cafe, Eastbourne

Debenhams Cafe has been in Eastbourne since I don't know when but sadly quite a few stores are closing down nationwide including Eastbourne.

At Debenhams Cafe they serve breakfast, lunch in a traditional British Cafeteria style where you order what you see.

 Photo taken the previous day with bubble on the left.

As they are closing down, I went last time for breakfast.

Previously dined here in my younger years but sadly I didn't take photos.

I was late so many items had run out including the bubble which was served the previous day so I settled for 4 items with an extra black pudding.

Overall, it was your usual breakfast fare with a lovely view of town through those wooden pane windows.

The blurred edges of the glass transom windows added to the ambiance which you won't find in modern eateries.

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