Thursday, 16 February 2017

Naturel Agave syrup

As well as Maple syrup, you can now get Agave syrup.
Naturel Agave syrup is made from Blue agave (Agave tequilana), which is used to produce TEQUILA!!!!

It is claimed to be a healthy sweetener because it is low in glycemic index (GI), gluten free, 25% sweeter than refined sugar, GMO and allergen free whilst being vegan friendly.

I gave this thick syrup a try and indeed I only needed a small amount to sweeten my drink because it was quite sweet.

It was fragrant like maple syrup so I put some on my pancakes [best to put it on the corner so you can decide how much to put on your pancakes].

The syrup can also be used as glazing for BBQs!!

Available at WatsonsMall and 原生坊
Imported by IIDEA (Hong Kong) Limited

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