Friday, 7 September 2012

明星食品 一平ちゃん 夜店の焼そば 明太子味 Myojo Ippei-Chan Yakisoba mentaiko flavour with butter taste mayo

Yomise no Yakisoba mentaiko flavour with butter taste mayo

I got these noodles because there were about three fun sauces/condiments inside to put in the noodles: Japanese style mayonnaise, mentaiko and soy sauce.
When you peel back the lid, the dehydrated vegetables are already with the noodles and the other three sachets of sauces are separate.

As well as the good packaging, the website was hidden beneath the plastic wrapping on the lid.

The reason I liked the packaging is that these noodles need to drained and they have designed some holes where the water can be drained.
I tried some similar noodles which did not have this design and ended up tipping all the noodles in the sink!

There is a video below which shows this cool packaging and they have three other noodles in this series that have mayonnaise but the website does not have ENGLISH!!!
From the online translations the other flavours appear to be mustard, charcoal and sea salt and the other one I cant quite make out.

Anyway, the noodles tasted delicious, although my pictures do not look as good as the ones in the video because I did not take photos of the condiments mixed.

Noodles with soy sauce added

Noodles with mayonnaise added

Noodles with mentaiko added

Drainage beneath the yellow peeler.


  1. hello, can i check where u get all the japanese noodles ? and also the curry cheese nissin one ? in singapore ? which shops ?

  2. Surprisingly I got this from 7-11 (convenience store) but I don know in SG.
    They were so fun to eat!

    For the curry cheese noodles I got them from the supermkt


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