Monday, 10 September 2012

YAMATAI Miso Butter Ramen Noodles 116g

Got these noodles because the flavour was interesting, it was butter and miso, on the lid there was pieces of potato as well.

It is common for the Japanese to add butter to their ramen although I have never tried it before.

When I peeled the lid, there were three sachets inside: One sachet of liquid miso, One sachet of butter (which smelt like margerine) and a condiments sachet which really had dehydrated roast/fried potato pieces.

It was good that the miso was liquid form because the powder version is quite artificial and it seems that you have paid for what its worth.

I added hot water and then the miso sachet and butter.

The noodles tasted OK because the miso soup was strong and if you like melted butter that is another bonus.

I could not find a website for these noodles.

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