Thursday, 23 August 2012

KOKA Purple Wheat Noodles - Chili and Lime

Was attracted by the really nice packaging and the fact the noodles are purple!

The colour they used for the fonts and packaging is really good.
Perhap too good for a cheap packet of instant noodles, but saying that in UK, even the economy brands have respectable packaging and design, its just that the design of Hong Kong and China products look tacky and fake.

Anyway, there are three different flavours: soy and vinegar, chili and lime, and aglio olio.

The one I tried was chilli and lime.

When I opened the package the noodles were purple as expected and you can see the noodles are embedded with wheat in them, the condiments are well packaged too.

I was expecting liquid sauce but it was powder, but I suppose powder is better because oil goes bad in hot conditions especially for hot Asian countries.
In the powder there was pieces of chilli in it.

You are meant to mix with xx amount of cold water which I have forgotten but I used warm water to dissolve all the powder.

I also added the other sachet which is labelled canola oil but it actually smells like sesame oil.

Anyway I put the noodles in hot water to cook, and interestingly when the water started frothing you could see pieces of purple wheat floating about.
The water was also turned colour so there is probably alot of colouring involved in this to make it purple!

So heres what the noodles look like cooked!

After mixing the noodles with the sauce, heres what they look like.

Compared to the soy and vinegar flavour I preferred the soy and vinegar flavour because this flavour was quite sweet and I could not taste the sourness of the lime.
The chili was not that spicy which was good.

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