Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chewy Stir Rice Vermicelli Indonesian Gado-Gado Flavour

I agree with The Ramen Rater that these noodles were bland, however it had a strong peanut oil taste.
The sauce I got was slightly different from Ramen Rater's I did not get the red sauce, instead I got this brownish colour sauce which turned out to be ginger, so if you do not like ginger, do not add it!

The Ramen Rater's review:

After water was added to the noodles with dehydrated vegetables.

Since the vermicelli was soft, the water was ready to be poured out, so I put the lid back on which has holes conveniently on the corner for the water to pass out.

After pouring out the water, I added the peanut sauce sachet and the other sachet of oil which turned out to be ginger.

After mixing.....

Apart from that the packaging was quite good, it even had two bowls stuck together so you do not burn your hands and there are holes in the corner of the lid for draining out the liquid.

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