Sunday, 6 May 2018

[Nissin] Ippudo Tonkotsu Flavour Shiro Instant Noodles

Ippudo is a famous ramen joint with restaurants all over the world.
The ramen there has a good broth and I like their extra thin noodles.

I discovered these Ippudo cup noodle series by Nissin so I got the Ippudo Tonkotsu Flavour Shiro Instant Noodles.

On the lid, there is a sachet of Pork Flavoured Oil.

I tried a bit on its own and it was too garlicky for my liking.

After peeling back the lid, the noodles looked promising because they were thin and there were lots of seaweed and dehydrated meat slices.

I am not so much of a fan for meat but I love seaweed.

After adding water, the broth looked white and creamy, the taste wasn't too salty and it was slightly thick and creamy.

I only added a few drops of the pork oil because it seemed to taste better without.

Anyway, perhaps I am quite biased but I really liked these noodles.
In this series, there is also [Nissin] Ippudo Spicy Tonkotsu Flavour (AKA) Instant noodles

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