Thursday, 10 August 2017

[Cheeky Boy Sauces] Great British sauces

As a food lover, I found out about Cheeky Boy Sauces from Instagram and was honoured to try their tantalizing saucy sauces.

Cheeky Boy Sauces are independent producers of a range of fresh tasting, delicious, all natural sauces and dips created by an adventurer and a food lover, and are beautifully made in Britain.[quoted from their website.]

At the moment they have three stylish sauces:

HRH sauce, L!MEY and Berlin49.

For more details and pairings please see:

Having tried all three, I loved them because they are different and complex.
To summarize HRH sauce is gingery.
I felt that it paired well with Asian food especially Hainan chicken because you normally get ginger puree sauce with it and HRH is much better since it has more dimension to it.
It also paired well with my vegetarian soya patty burger.

L!MEY is very refreshingly limey and great pairing with greasy fatty meats like roast suckling pig!!!!
L!MEY at MongKok!!

Berlin49 was actually quite complex, there was a BBQ smell when you opened the bottle but when you actually taste it, there is a spicy curry kick followed by a fiery smokey chili aftertaste that lingers shortly.
It was definitely good paired with meats, fried stuff that has a flour or some form of coating that needs something strong and punchy.

You always get a sachet of sauce inside Potnoodle so it is definitely legit to add sauce to it.
I decided to be #cheeky and purposely chose Cheeky Boy Sauces' BERLIN49 for Bombay Bad Boy which made the curry taste more intense because the sauce has a smokey curry taste to it.
The sachet of hot sauce they give you in the pot noodles are mega hot so I advise trying it before putting it in.
As with all sauces, I believe you should try and see what it tastes like before using it for best results.

#THANKYOU for all the fun #cheekyboysauces

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