Saturday, 8 July 2017

Morrisons All Day Breakfast 395g £1.27

I really liked this can of All Day Breakfast by Morrisons because there was black pudding inside it.

The baked beans were tasty too infused with a sausage and black pudding taste with a hint of herbs from the Cumberland sausage.
The interesting thing is that on the product description it doesn't mention Cumberland sausages but they are Cumberland in the Full product description.

Although it was a little bit too salty, the sausages and bacon egg bites were actually tasty and the texture was good compared to other brands I have tried.
In the can, I found, two pieces of black pudding, two sausages and some bacon bites which I can't remember how many were there.

Product description:
With jumbo sausages, egg and bacon bites and black pudding slices, 1 of your 5 a day, Source fibre, No artificial colours

Full Product Name:
Baked beans, Cumberland sausages, bacon with added water and egg bites and black pudding in tomato sauce.

Morrisons link:

Video of the Morrisons All Day Breakfast 395g £1.27:

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