Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Japanese smoked oysters - snacks

I am not a fan of smoked food, but because they were oysters I bought a packet.
It is not often oysters are served as packaged snacks, the ones I have seen before are dried oysters, fresh oysters or cooked oysters.

The packet was interesting, there were two places on the packet where you can open it.


Anyway, when I tore open the packet, the smell of oyster was strong, it smelt of the dried oysters with a slight smoked aroma.
The texture of the oysters were soft and mushy and tasted similar to the cooked dried oysters in Chinese cooking.



Overall, they were quite nice and there are six oysters in a pack.
The next day I did not get diarrhea, so theyre quite safe to eat!
I have previously tried packaged snacks similar to these such as kidneys and gizzards made from China which gave me diarhea!!

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