Saturday, 28 January 2012

7-11 exclusive assorted lo mei and roasted spring chicken

Got two products from "Tang Shun Hing" packaged exclusively for 7-11.

Although they are designed to be heated up and eaten at 7-11, it proves to be messy and a sticky task.The contents of the food are packed in a vacuumed sealed bag, with a plastic tray and a pair of gloves, you need to open the inner bag, empty the contents into the dish and simply microwave it.

Hence very troublesome to carry out at your local 7-11, also the tray is not really deep enough.

I got the Lo Shui purely because it was pre-packaged, it horrifies me to get them from restaurants from metal trays by the windows with oil dripping off, flies buzzing around them and the exposure to sunlight through the windows.

The Lo Shui mix contains duck wings, ducks feet, ducks liver, ducks gizzard, and peanuts, and the spring roasted chicken was just half of a spring chicken. I thought it would be a whole chicken, but it was just half a bird.

After microwaving it, it was ready to eat.

The Lo Shui mix was quite nice, although for the ducks feet and wings, it only contained one piece each.All of the items were quite soft, except for the duck’s liver, which I was quite looking forward to, it probably got dehydrated during the heating process.

The gizzards, which I do not usually eat, were the best that I have had, the texture was a bit like baby pork shanks.They were evenly sliced, not looking like shrivelled up gonads from Chinese medicine places.The only thing that let it down was the saltiness of all the lo shui items.

As for the spring chicken, it just tasted ok.

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