Monday, 16 February 2015

Non-fried bamboo charcoal noodles by Sau Tao

Got these Non-fried bamboo charcoal noodles by Sau Tao (壽桃非油炸竹炭麵-酸菜排骨湯味) as a gift from a friend and they surprisingly good.

The noodles looked a bit plastic when I took them out the bag, but when they were cooked they were delicious because the broth was good and there was a sachet of pickled vegetables which made the noodles fantastic.

As well as spareribs, they have other funky flavours such as seafood with pickled vegetables and duck with pickled vegetables.

Other flavours in this series:


  1. I have never seen one of these before, do you know where I can get this kind of noodles?
    Btw I also have my food blog, it's relatively new but more dishes would be uploaded soon :)

    1. I was given these by a friend but I think you can get them from the local supermarket.
      Feel free to check out my facebook because it is updated more frequently and my instagram too supersupergirlhk


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