Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Japanese and Korean feast from 7-eleven

Thanks to 7-eleven's marketing department for sending me cute bunny ears and redemption vouchers to try their Japanese and Korean food.

Here was what I tried:

Oden skewers:

There were eight skewers to choose from but they only had two choices that day.

Here were the two I tried.

The flat one on the upper right was quite spicy with strands of glass vermicelli in it.
The roll on the lower left was more to my liking.
Teriyaki chicken pizza $16.9:

There is a calibrated oven just for the pizzas.
The pizza looked promising with the cheese nicely melted but the base was too soft.

Rice with pork and egg $14.9:

The pork and rice was quite tasty because the sauce was nice, however there was not much egg in it.
Onsen egg $9.9:

The onsen egg was perfect with a runny yolk.
After it was added to the rice, the pork was enhanced by the delicious silky yolk.
Rice with sukiyaki chicken $14.9:

The chicken was ok, but the pork was tastier.

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