Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Numi savoury teas

Teas are normally sweet or unsweetened complimented with milk or drank alone.

Ever thought of savoury teas? Well you can now get savoury teas!!!

"Numi Organic Tea is a privately owned triple bottom line social enterprise based in Oakland, California. Numi is known for its assortment of organic and fair trade certified teas and herbal "teasans".
The company was founded in 1999 by brother and sister, Ahmed and Reem Rahim. The founders named the company "Numi" after the citrusy, Middle Eastern dried lime tea they drank as children growing up in Iraq. The name Numi is derived from the Arabic word forcitrus." saids Wikipedia.

I was so lucky to get a sample of their savoury teas, organic teas and Dry desert Lime from Green Pharmacies in Hong Kong.
You can buy the savoury teas on their website Green Pharmacies or Food Garden at Lai Chi Kok.

The savoury teas were amazing, they were similar to light Chinese soups without the meats and oils which make them ideal for vegetarians.
Aftering drinking it, there was no thirsty feeling.

I had fun opening the teabags too to see what were inside them and there were pieces of dehydrated vegetables which are actually edible after it has been steeped because I ate them too.

Spinach chive:
Ingredients: Spinach leaves, chives, dried lime, dill, onion, decaf green tea, coriander, turmeric, garlic.
This had a strong cilantro smell when I took it out of the sachet.
The taste was really pleasant but for a stronger tastes I would advise steeping it longer and putting less water.
Broccoli Cilantro
Ingredients: Broccoli, celery leaves, allspice, onion, cilantro, decaf green tea, garlic, black pepper, sage, turmeric.

This had a lovely black peppery tone and it was like a diet version of cream of broccoli which is good for people on diet and still wanting to drink soup.
I loved the woody taste of the tea.
Carrot Curry
Ingredients: Carrot, curry, cilantro, onion, ginger, turmeric, decaf green tea.
There was strong curry taste and smell but I found the cilantro too overpowering.
Fennel Spice
Ingredients: Fennel, celery root, orange peel, onion, dill, decaf green tea, honeybush, black pepper.
The fennel spice had lovely spicy tones, great on a cold day.
Tomato Mint
Ingredients: Tomato, onion, mint, lemon peel, parsley, cinnamon, black pepper, decaf black tea, allspice.
The tomato mint was surprisingly good because I am not keen on mint but the tomato taste was really strong with a lovely refreshing moreish aftertaste that real tomatoes have.
Ingredients: Beet, cabbage, dried apple, decaf black tea, mustard seed, parsley, orange peel, coriander, clove, honeybush.

This was my favourite because the beetroot and cabbage were soothing with a lovely hint of spice.
After trying the savoury range my favourite were: Broccoli cilantro, Beet cabbage and the Tomato mint.

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