Saturday, 1 March 2014

Korean and Japanese delights from 7-eleven Hong Kong

Thanks to 7-eleven for sending me these goodies featuring popular Korean pot noodles and Japanese sweet treats.

For Korean goodies we have: Vilac Cup Rice and Noodle, Ottogi Japchae noodles, Hanil Jajeng Myeon
Japanese goodies there are: Ribon Okinawan donuts, Shoeido Swiss rolls and Koubo croissant buns

Korean Hanil Jajeng Myeon HKD$17.9:
These were quick and convenient to eat, simply empty the noodles in the box and pour the sauce on top and heat in the microwave as advised.
The noodles were soft and chewy in delicious sweet sauce. 

Korean Ottogi Japchae – HOT
Springy glass noodles in sweet and spicy sauce with pieces of beef in it.
Korean Vilac Cup Rice and Noodle – Spicy Seafood $12.9
This is the most interesting cup I have tried, because there was Rice and noodles!!!
It would be great if there was a non spicy version to cater for people who can't eat spicy foods!

Japanese Koubo croissant buns $12.5
There is a choice of chocolate or strawberry and they were best eaten slightly warmed by heating in a microwave because the paste inside becomes soft.
Personally I liked the chocolate.

Japanese Shoeido Swiss rolls $13.9
These rolls were surprisingly big and filling!
There is caramel and chocolate and both were soft and moist.
It is hard to say which flavour is better because both were good.

Japanese Okinawan RIBON donuts $10.9
There are two flavours: original and black sugar.
Black sugar had more depth in flavour so I preferred the black sugar.


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