Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mini taiyakis

Saw these cute Taiyakis so got them, they are smaller than the usual ones.
There were two types, one made with pancake mixture and the other was made with glutinous rice mixture which looks white and uncooked.

There were lots of different fillings to choose from: chocolate, sesame, custard, cream cheese, blueberry, red beans and caramel.
Blueberry tasted the most artificial.

The glutinous rice ones were nice but tasted a bit dough like and there was a lot of condensation coming from it too because it was in the bag for a while so they are best eaten imediately.

It was fun watching them make it, because when they were ready, they flick them in the basket with chopsticks and it looks like little fishes flying in the air.

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