Wednesday, 20 March 2013

7-Eleven Korean and Japanese crossover

Hong Kong’s 7-Eleven Convenience Stores have launched a series of Korean and Japanese ready to eat snacks from March 13, 2013.

These include curry beef with rice, Grilled pork with ginger, oden, pork wontons, Japanese style chicken wings, miso soup, yuzu tea, cold noodles in sesame sauce/wasabi sauce and much more.

The main feature of this event was their ready to eat onsen egg and Hokkaido yeast bun which comes in five flavours: chocolate, coffee, pumpkin, original and cheese.
The onsen egg is the perfect poached egg with a guaranteed runny yolk centre that you just crack open and eat, so when your at 7-Eleven having a noodle, why not crack an onsen egg onto it.
The egg is pasteurized which makes it Salmonella free!

To illustrate how these products can be eaten, they have invited Hong Kong’s Truffle Queen Esther Au to demonstrate how these products can be made even more delectable with truffle held at Donna Dolce cooking studio.

As bloggers we were given first hand experience making pasta for the carbonara dish and we were privileged to try freshly shaved truffle from these huge winter truffles!
There were also other Japanese Korean snacks for us to try which are currently being promoted.

Hokkaido yeast bun with asparagus, Onsen Egg, Truffled Hollandaise sauce, Mangalica Ham and Shaved Black Truffles:

I have tried this yeast bun before and this time it tasted even better because it was toasted which removed the alcoholic vapour in it that was used as preservation.
The onsen egg, asparagus and ham tasted really nice together along with the freshly grated black truffle.
Tagliolini Carbonara with Egg Yolks, Pancetta, Cheese & Black Pepper:

Again this was such a delicious dish and the texture of the pasta was slightly foamy and springier because it was freshly made.

7-Eleven Korean and Japanese foods:

Yummy snacks that do not seem to taste like instant meals.

Thanks to 7-Eleven for organizing this event and their generous gifts.


For extra information please visit:

Address:  Dolce Donna 觀塘駿業里6號富利工業大廈8樓B室
8B, Fully Industrial Building, 6 Ysun Yip Lane, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Phone:  +852 21510609

Address:  7-Eleven Convenience Stores throughout Hong Kong

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