Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Circle K Exclusive : Hokkaido-Yo

Saw these bright green ice-cream tubs behind the counter at Circle K so I had a closer look.
It turns out they were Hokkaido style froyo, an exclusive product of Circle K.
There were three flavours fuji apple, grape and Original.
It was interesting having them at different temperatures!
Straight from the freezer or letting it defrost for a while.
Hokkaido-Yo Original
The texture was light and airy like mousse and I loved it.
It was really nice and creamy but the texture was like whipped melted marshmallow.
There was some slight Froyo taste too but not the Yakult type of taste.
Anyway I'll be back for more.

Hokkaido-Yo Apple
The texture was the same as above and the taste of the fuji apple was really prominent.
It has that strong taste you get from chewing apple skin of fuji apple.

Hokkaido-Kyoho grape
The texture was the same as above and the taste was not as fake as I thought it would be.

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