Tuesday, 9 May 2017

維他奶 VitaVitasoy calci-plus series

VitaVitasoy has launched two new drinks in the calci-plus series.

The new Coconut Hi-Calcium healthy drink and Almond Hi-Calcium healthy drink are both low in sugar, cholesterol free and high in calcium.
Almond Hi-Calcium healthy drink:
The almond is light with a lovely nutty taste and not that sweet just how it is as advertised.
It is said to be good for the skin and cardio.
Coconut Hi-Calcium healthy drink:
The coconut is comparatively sweeter than the almond but not that sweet.
I liked it because you could taste the coconut while the taste is not too milky.
According to the carton, it is said to help in weight management.

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