Sunday, 5 April 2015

Golden pig sausages

As a Brit, sausages are a must have item on the plate but in Hong Kong you can't find decent sausages so you end up dining out for them.
Recently discovered this brand called Golden Pig from the UK selling delicious sausages and bacon.

There are three flavours for the sausages:

Pork and apple:



Unsmoked back bacon:

Tried the pork and apple with bread and I really liked it because it was meaty and juicy without any elastic bits.

I used an oven to cook them and they tasted amazing without the need for any sauces.
If I had grilled them,  the crispy skin would have made them even more scrumptious.
For the Cumberland sausage and Jalapeno sausage I had it with beautiful mash and caramelized onions made by a friend which complimented it nicely.
My favourite Bangers and Mash!

The Cumberland (First picture) was meatier than the pork and apple and the Jalapeno (Second picture) is not that spicy so if you want to try something different these two are good picks.
Personally I liked the pork and apple sausage.

They cost $60 per pack of six sausages or $160 for three packs which can be bought at the upcoming Sai Kung Market on the 19th or delivered free with orders over $500.



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