Monday, 4 August 2014

Wicked alcohol infused CREAM

Whipped cream is good but alcohol infused cream is even better!!!
These huge canisters of Whipped cream are infused with 15% alcohol content and come in four fun flavours:
Chocolate, caramel, vanilla and strawberry.

I got my hands on Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
The great thing is that IT DOES NOT need to be refrigerated.

The alcohol infused cream can go almost everywhere or you can consume it straight from the canister.
I had fun dispensing it on top of jelly and biscuits.

If I could get hold of some scones, waffles or crepes I would definitely add infused cream to it.
It can also be added to drinks as well.

The cream was easily dispensed but practice makes perfect.

Orange jelly with alcohol infused chocolate cream

Chocolate dipped biscuit with alcohol infused vanilla cream 

Chocolate dipped biscuit with alcohol infused strawberry cream

These creams definitely jazzed things up, the chocolate was the best, while the vanilla was good paired with biscuits and cakes and the strawberry was good on fresh fruits or berries

The alcoholic taste was really strong which was great for sophisticating things with an alcoholic touch.

The canisters are informatively labelled and they have leaflets with suggested recipes.

For more information on CREAM, please visit:
Where to get CREAM:

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