Monday, 29 July 2013

Sweet crystallized ginger series by Chilson

Thanks to Chilson Enterprises Ltd of Hong Kong for sending me these Crystallized ginger candies.
It was gingerly sweet of them :P

Chilson was founded in 1920 by Mr Christopher Kong.

Legend has it that Queen Mary ordered crystallized ginger made by the ginger experts Mr Kongs to be served at royal banquets.

The crystallized ginger and other ginger products are supplied to UK, Germany, Holland, Australia etc.

Currently there are now three flavours of crystallized ginger to suit different tastes in the modern world:
Original, Plum juice and Black sugar.
All of these are made with natural fresh stem ginger and made into Crystallized ginger.

Original crystallized ginger:

The ginger was very spicy but sweet at the same time.

Plum juice crystallized ginger:

The ginger had a nice plum taste with an unami touch.
It tastes similar to those preserved red coloured gingers with sugar coated on it, but this one is healthier because there is no red colouring.

Black sugar crystallized ginger:

The appearance of this was nice, it was pieces of crystallized sugar dusted in black sugar.
The taste of this was very pleasing because the black sugar taste was quite strong.
Overall, the quality of this was good and they come in resealable bags.
Each piece of ginger is uniform and just the right size to pop in your mouth.
My personal favourites were the Original and black sugar.

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