Wednesday, 2 November 2016

teapigs birthday blend - jelly and ice cream

teapigs is a famous brand of artisan tea in the UK.
They are now all over the world.
I encountered them a few years ago when they had a stall at the Island East Markets and now you can find them all over Hong Kong and available at most restaurants and cafes.

Time flies and it is now their 10th birthday.

Thank you tea pigs for this lovely box which had the birthday blend and a glass cup and saucer to go with it.

I loved the packaging because it was colourful and the graphics are well designed like their other teas. This is what makes them memorable and outstanding.

On the back of the pack, there is a special message from Louise which I couldn't agree more especially memories of Woolworths pic'n'mix.
Sadly it doesn't exist anymore and lots of sweets and crisps have become extinct and many traditional British meals and desserts are rapidly disappearing or being modernized :(

Anyway, lets get back to the tea.
jelly and ice cream blend is the best way to celebrate because it is fun and everyone likes it.

The ingredients in this tea are: apple, blueberry, orange peel, liquorice root, citric acid, strawberry pieces, vanilla pieces, natural vanilla flavouring, raspberry flavouring, natural cream flavouring, natural biscuit flavouring.

When I took the tea temples out, there was a lovely sweet berries and cream smell and the tea has a pretty pink colour to it with a fine tart taste to it.

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