Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Hong Kong vs UK supermarket Self-Checkout

I love the supermarket but not the queues and now they have self-Checkout counters which is really good because you can do it yourself.
I have tried the self-check counter in UK and HK.

The HK self-checkout is simple and almost idiot proof but it allows people to steal if they really wanted to by accidentally not scanning an item, whereas in UK, your shopping is weighed before scanning so that the scanned weight should match the weight before.

In terms of payment, UK is better because you can pay by card, cash, coupons and even scan offers/discounts whereas Hong Kong only allows credit card and octopus.

Idiot proof Hong Kong Self-checkout counter:

Before you start, make sure your octopus has enough credit or pay by credit card which I haven’t tried yet.
I am not sure if there is an English interface but I couldn’t find it but basically you touch the screen to activate it.

Press start

Scan your item

Once all items have been scanned press the ENTER button
Choose form of payment

I chose the octopus, so you basically tap the octopus and the receipt will be printed out you are ready to go with your goods..

UK Self-checkout counter:

Accepts card, cash and coupons!!

Where you collect your change 

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