Friday, 1 May 2015

McDonalds black and white coconut pie a la mode

I was excited because McDonalds launched this black and white coconut pie.
To my knowledge, there has not been a black and white coconut pie but this was served in China last August.
As well as the pie, there are the black and white burgers that are the same as last years.
For the shake shake fries seasoning there is the salt n pepper crabwhich was available a few years ago in oct, 2011.
According to my earlier review, it has a fragrant basil taste.

Anyway, I went to McD's to try the coconut pie.
It seems that different branches are offering different things, the one I went to only served the pie and icecream but according to instagram some branches just sell the pie only.

The coconut pie was quite nice with a coconut filling that was not too strong and pieces of coco de nata.

If I had a choice, I prefer it without the icecream so hopefully I can find another McDonalds that just has the pie or wait until the 4th when the pie is fully launched at all branches.

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