Monday, 3 March 2014

McDonalds - Hong Kong - Red Peri Scorcher

Found out about this new burger called the RED PERI SCORCHER from the paper.

Only noticed it because of the colourful stars which is quite similar to my openrice logo.

The red peri scorcher burger is NEW in HONG KONG but has already been launched in Singapore and Australia last year.



Made with Carolina Reaper chilis, habanero chilis, Naga Jolokia chilis and Peri Peri chilis.

The world's hottest chilis guarenteed to be a scorching sensation.

I really liked it because it was crispy marinated chicken thigh meat with cracker wheat and the sauce was spicy with a strong hint of lemon.

It had a really nice cajun smell just like the coating you find in Southern fried chicken.

The chili was fiery but it does not linger which is why I like African chilis.


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