Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Happy Cow dairy-free ice cream

As you know Hong Kong is slow and even if they wanted to try new ideas from other places they are quite cautious about approaching them.

Luckily we have Happy Cow a brand of dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low glycemic vegan and most importantly Kosher icecream.

A genius brand, ice-cream made with coconut milk!

I was really lucky and got to visit Happy Cow and watch them make ice-cream and try their other flavours.

Lets start with ice cream making:
The main ingredients were put into a blender including guar gum a natrual thickener, coconut sugar (brown) which gives their ice-creams a brown colour.
Then water is added and the mixture is blended and put in the machine.
After it is churned for a while, Coconut milk is added

While the mixture is churning, the icecream containers and lids are being prepared.

When the icecream mixture gets thick the icecream is almost ready.

A sample is tasted before it is put into the cartons and frozen to ensure quality of smoothness and taste.

The final steps!! Ice Cream in containers and into the freezer!!
Final Products!!

At the moment the main flavours they offer are:
Cherry, almond, fudge
Pina Colada

There are many other tempting flavours in development to be launched later!

All these flavours have an extremely coconutty taste attributed to coconut milk and coconut sugar, and the texture is thick and creamier than ordinary icecreams.

There was no colouring used in the Pistachio which is why it is not green and the brown colour is because of the coconut sugar.
This flavour was rich and creamy with delicious pieces of pistachio in it.


There was a rich chocolate and coconut taste.

Again its colour is slightly caramel because of the coconut sugar.
This was my favourite because the taste of lime was strong and refreshing.
Cherry, almond fudge:

This is bound to be everyones favourite with chunks of American cherries, fudge and almond flavour.

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