Sunday, 22 February 2009

Coffee or dessert, fun at Pascucci

All the way from Italy, a truly Italian coffee shop, a menu loaded with choice and attractive pictures.

189 Piccadilly W1J9ES
London - England

Earl's Court roads, 231 SW59AH
London - England

It took me ages to decide, I wanted to try everything, luckily I could limit my choice to half, since as I don't not drink coffee, yet I was also tempted to try the yoghurt one, since the coffee is only a tiny amount.

Anyway I ordered the chilled Coconut Pas Ciock (chilled coconut chocolate), served exactly like the pictures, I liked it so much, because you can treat it as a drink or dessert.
My chocolate was thick as a smoothie, you could drink it with a straw or spoon it like a dessert. The texture was so light, almost like whipped cream, but lighter, with bits of super fine blended ice. The chocolate was so creamy, not the cocoa taste, and it had bits of dessicated coconut in it, as well as that, you can taste the aromatic flavor of coconut as well. On top were little pieces of dusted chocolate nuggets. The rum of the glass was dusted with coconut too. One cup is not enough!!!!!
I want more.

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